While heart palpitations can feel like a fluttering or irregular heartbeat, ectopics refer to the sensation of a missed or extra beat (which can feel like a thud). While these are often nothing to be concerned about, it’s important to seek medical advice a heart condition, if they’re happening regularly or lasting for a long time.

premature ventricular complexes

PVCs are known are experienced when the heart’s ventricles start a new beat before the echo of the last one created by the heart’s natural pacemaker has totally faded, making you feel a sensation that your heart has skipped a beat.

ectopic heart beats

Ectopic heart beats are noticeable, and it may feel like your heart has skipped a beat followed by a ‘thud’. People often report feeling like they’ve ‘missed’ a beat, or that they can feel an ‘extra’ beat. They aren’t serious, but it’s important to get them checked out if you’re concerned, if you have an existing heart condition or if they’re happening on a regular basis or prolonged in nature.

Roemheld syndrome

Commonly known as the Gastrocardiac Syndrome, symptoms are often categorised by heart palpitations felt when the stomach is full or during indigestion, thanks to the links it makes between the health of our hearts and stomachs.

gastrocardiac syndrome

Otherwise known as Roemheld Syndrome (RS), there has been a limited amount of research carried out but the bidy of knowledge is growing. Information about the Gastrocardiac Syndrome can offer us ways to explain the link between the stomach and heart and why certain symptoms relating to the stomach can worsen their heart symptoms.

how to cure pots

POTS (or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) causes a lot of distress thanks to the wide variety of symptoms felt by those with the condition. It’s categorised by the presence of symptoms when standing, as well as an abnormally high, steadily increasing heartbeat.

how to treat pots

Our guide offers a lifeline to those who are finding the symptoms of POTS incredibly debilitating, especially if they change from day to day.

cure for pvcs

Our article is an excellent reference point to learn a little more about premature ventricular complexes (PVCs) so that you can recognise the differences between this condition and others which are similar.