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Recommended slow sodium (no prescription required)

POTS healthcoach and exercise physiologist
Emily Cochrane

Clinical psychologist
Matthew Beadman

For NHS patient enquiries

For Nuffield patient enquiries
Tel: 07553546004

For LDN enquiries
Dickson Chemists

For medication related enquiries Pharmacierge – the online pharmacy

IV Saline therapy
Here is a paper that attests to the benefits of IV saline therapy for POTS

The following places can provide IV saline therapy:

The Sanctum Clinic, Hull
Please quote YORKCARDIOLOGY for 10% discount

Get A Drip
Certain Get A Drip locations offer a 20% discount (such as York, Essex, Atherstone etc.) –

Dr Rashed Hossain
Scunthorpe Hospital

Professionals we work with

Educational support for patients with POTS/EDS/CFS/ME
Sammie Allen

I act as an educational consultant for conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and support families and young persons to advocate their support needs; whether this be at an annual review, school meeting or any other such discussion. This has been an incredibly rewarding part of our provision as a business, and I have successfully supported many young persons to receive additional support for their disabilities.

My team and I have supported many students with dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD), autism (particularly a demand avoidant profile or PDA) and many other SENDs, and we now predominantly work and manage EOTAS packages. It is my belief that education should be fun, engaging and relevant to a young person’s lived experience, which is why my team and I will work with you as a family or provider to create and deliver a bespoke package of education with the young persons interests at its heart.

Women’s Health

Helena Wilson

As a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, I am dedicated to supporting women through each unique stage of life, helping them manage the various physical challenges that may arise.

My practice includes providing physiotherapy treatment for bladder and bowel symptoms, pelvic floor issues, leakage, and prolapse. These conditions can occur at any stage of life but are often more prevalent during pregnancy, postpartum, and menopausal stages.

I also specialise in physiotherapy for pelvic pain syndromes, which can have various origins, including post-surgical conditions such as Caesareans, hysterectomies, prolapse repairs, and interventions for endometriosis. Women’s Health Physiotherapy has proven to be highly effective in treating pelvic health issues. My goal is to assist and empower women, helping them live their lives without the restrictions imposed by these conditions.

Helena will offer a free 15 minute consultation if you contact her.

Functional Neurological Disorders

Dr Mohan Rathnaiah

Cardiac Neurosis
Matthew Beadman
Clinical psychologist
Matthew will offer a FREE 20 minute consultation

Emily Cochrane
Healthcoach and exercise physiologist
Emily will offer a FREE 20-30 min consultation

General Practitioner
Dr Dinesh Kumar
General practitioner

Cardiac Electrophysiologist
Dr Mansoor Nasir

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome/ Endocrinology
Dr Abi Lulsegged

Charities for POTS/Dysautonomia/Hidden Disabilities

Hidden Disabilities

Private Consultation

If you need to meet an expert cardiologist sooner than can ordinarily be arranged, you can arrange to meet me privately at the Nuffield Hospital in York. I will carefully listen to what’s been troubling you and ask you the questions that help me to better understand the nature of your problem. I can then examine you to assess how well your heart functions and organise cardiological investigations so that I can give you an informed, expert opinion on your problem. If you need any treatment, then I can discuss the options with you and make the necessary arrangements.

Telephone Consultation

Sometimes, it’s helpful to discuss your situation with an expert and now if you just want to talk through your situation and your feelings with a consultant cardiologist, then you can now arrange a telephone consultation with me to help you better understand your problems and help you to develop a sense of certainty about the way forward. I work in York and so if you want to talk to me, without needing to travel to York, then just fill in the contact form further down this page registering your interest for a telephone consultation and we can arrange a telephone call for a time that suits you.

Webcam Consultation

Some people want to meet me but it’s not always convenient for them to travel to York. So, for that reason, I am using modern technology to help you to talk to me face to face by using web cameras for us to hold a consultation to help me discuss your problem with you and better understand what is going on with you. Obviously, I wont be able to examine you or organise any investigations, but I will be able to help you understand what is happening to you. So, if you want to arrange a virtual face to face meeting, simply fill in the contact form below.

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If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me by filling in the form below.