Cryptogenic Stroke

Today’s video is on the subject of stroke and in particular cryptogenic strokes.  A stroke is often a devastating occurrence for several reasons: A stroke can be life threatening and stroke is widely recognised as a leading cause of death worldwide A stroke can be disabling and can destroy a person’s quality of life A stroke can recur and cause more damage/death the next time. It is therefore cruc [...]

Patent Foramen Ovale: The door within out hearts

A patent foramen ovale (PFO) is best thought of as a communication at the level of the atrial septum between the left heart and the right heart.  It is found in 25-30% of a normal healthy population and usually does not cause any symptoms, impact on quality of life or lifespan. Many people refer to it as a ‘hole in the heart’ although strictly speaking, a PFO is more like a flap or a partially ope [...]

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