Pace and Ablate

Atrial fibrillation is a disorder both of heart rate and heart rhythm. By definition, the heart beats irregularly but also can beat excessively fast or excessively slow. When the heart beats excessively fast, there are 2 main consequences: The patient is generally more symptomatic with palpitations, breathlessness, fatigue and exercise intolerance There is a likelihood that as the heart is working [...]

B’s story of living with ectopic heart beats, SVT and vagal AF

When your rhythm is a dancer Living with heart rhythm disturbances It started around four years ago. I am in the middle of my 40s, married, father of two children and successful in my job. I suffered from some kind of burnout due to heavy workload and as a consequence thereof I had some trouble with my stomach and heartburn. My GP sent me to hospital for some days to get a clinical internist check [...]

My Experience with AFib : “A Wake Up Call in India”

Dear Dr. Gupta, Tomorrow is my 62nd birthday and I am writing you to share my experience with AFib. 5 years ago, I retired from my job as a school counselor. At that time my blood pressure slightly rose into the high blood pressure zone so I was prescribed losartan. At age 60 I took up long distance running and my blood pressure and over health and fitness greatly improved. I have completed two ha [...]

Max’s story of how his AF was found to be caused by undiagnosed sleep apnoea

A few months ago I posted a question about high blood pressure at night and getting up 4 or 5 times a night for the toilet. I have had PAF for 7 years and was changed to Sotalol following a couple of Cardioversions three years ago. I went to my doctors about 2 years ago concerned with my night time toilet visits, the prostate was checked and ok so it was suggested I took medication to control my b [...]

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