A few months ago I posted a question about high blood pressure at night and getting up 4 or 5 times a night for the toilet.

I have had PAF for 7 years and was changed to Sotalol following a couple of Cardioversions three years ago. I went to my doctors about 2 years ago concerned with my night time toilet visits, the prostate was checked and ok so it was suggested I took medication to control my bladder but declined as I am also on Rivaroxaban and Atorastations. I felt something wasn’t right so when I woke up during the night I started to check my blood pressure and it was always high 160/88 42 ish ( normal for me is 125/75/52) ,

I went to see the doctor after one night it was 192/98/52 but of course when I went it was normal. I went back again as I wasn’t happy and she suggested doubling my Sotalol from 80mg twice a day to 160mg , I declined and we agree on the absolute minimum of 40mg extra at night. At that point I gave up checking my night time pressures as it became too much, hoping it had done the trick, however I was still getting up.

Someone on this site suggested I might have sleep apnea, to be honest something I had never really heard of and certainly wasn’t suggested or mentioned, maybe because I am fairly fit, 64 yrs 5’7″ and 77kg and eat well. Anyway, I went for the test and was told I was experiencing 68 episodes an hour which was classified as severe with 5 being the recommended safe level.

I was duly kitted out for a Cpap machine two weeks ago. I had an appointment yesterday with a new cardiologist who seemed rather stunned that my sleep apnea hadn’t been picked up and said that it was obvious what had been causing my PAF all these years and was optimistic that once I had conquered the mask etc I would be able to get off my medication.

Firstly I am eternally grateful to the member who made the suggestion about getting the apnea checked and secondly I hope by sharing my experience someone else can be helped in the same way.