L’s story of living with Lyme Disease

I got sick with Lyme Disease in 2012. I did get bites and presented to a doctor with the bulls eye rash, they gave my a week of standard antibiotics and a steroid cream and sent me on my way. I knew nothing about Lyme Disease at the time and unfortunately neither did the doctor I saw. I wish I knew what that rash meant at the time and got a course of doxycycline and would have been spared the comp [...]

C’s story of living with Lyme Carditis

Dear Dr Gupta,  I saw your post on Facebook regarding wanting to hear from patients with Lyme disease. I thought I would get in touch as I think it's important to raise the profile of Lyme disease, and my initial contact was with cardiology which might be interesting for you. Clinical history: I have a long history of being bitten by ticks in Sweden, where I have received tick bites dozens of time [...]

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