I have had SVT since I was 13, now 38. Luckily, my episodes are infrequent and am able to covert within a minute. I have noticed as I have gotten into my late 30s, I deal with ectopics during hormone fluctuations. I have been trying various diets in hopes of finding a way to keep the ectopics and SVTs away.
I am not on any meds.
Through trial and error, I have finally found what works for me….
1. Staying hydrated (coconut water first thing in the morning and water throughout the day).
2. Gluten and dairy free
3. Daily exercise
4. Eating clean (fruits, veggies, lean protein)
5. No high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or stevia.
6. Good quality daily multivitamin
I have found that if I stick to these rules, I do t have any issues, even with hormone fluctuations