I was officially diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) six years ago.

Over the past nine months however my condition deteriorated significantly to the point where I could no longer walk; I could only sit up for a very short amount of time and I would spend most of the day and night sleeping. My heart rate would randomly go up to 200BPM for no reason and my blood pressure would drop. I had no quality of life at all and I was basically just existing in my bedroom 24/7.

At this point my Cardiologist recommended weekly IV saline infusions to try to help me regain control over my symptoms.

I now have two litres of saline every week and it has completely changed my life.

For thirty six hours after the fluids I can walk around independently and I experience hardly any POTS symptoms.

It is the first time in six years that I can be on my feet for longer than a few minutes.

Even though it’s only one day each week this has been incredible and greatly improved my quality of life. For a day I can walk around my house, spend time in the garden and carry out physiotherapy sessions.

After a month of regular IV fluids I have begun to notice the long term permanent improvements starting to take effect. My fatigue has massively improved; I am no longer sleeping for most of the day. The severe headaches I have suffered for six years are considerably better. I can now sit up for longer periods of time without becoming symptomatic.

IV fluids have also enabled me to carry out regular physiotherapy sessions each day and I am finally getting stronger.

By continuing to use IV fluids in combination with physiotherapy I can hopefully build up to having a normal life again.

 I still have a lot of dreams that I want to achieve and for the first time in six years with the use of IV fluids and physiotherapy I finally have hope that I might be able to do this.

Thanks to IV fluids I no longer just exist, I am living again.


Thank you to Sam for sharing this brave and empowering story. 

For more information on POTS, please watch this video:

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