I’ve had my ectopics for about 4 years, mostly PVCs.

Magnesium helped tremendously to reduce them for about 3 years, and then they came back with a vengeance almost a year ago. Magnesium alone was not helping anymore.

I had my cardiologist perform some more thorough testing including an echocardiogram and Holter monitor. It was confirmed that I was having hundreds to thousands of extra heart beats per day, but I was given the clear that my heart is structurally normal, so I was able to worry a little bit less and adjust to them (some days better than others).

I’ve taken much greater care to look into all aspects of my diet including vitamins, minerals, and eliminating processed foods and unnatural ingredients as much as possible. I found that I am highly sensitive to MSG, lack of enough potassium, drinking any alcohol, and perimenopausal/hormonal changes are things things that affect the frequency of the beats as well. As my nutrition has improved, my body is doing better overall, and I have noticed a significant reduction in ectopics over the last several months. Getting more taurine in my diet, either through food or supplementation, has done good things as well. Taurine has heart beat regulating affects, and can counteract MSG. I avoid MSG related ingredients as much as possible, but it’s hidden under a lot of different names on food labels, so taurine helps the body get rid of it. Taurine also reduces stress hormones. I’ve found that PTSD has created abnormal stress hormone release, which was contributing to my extra beats as well.

So reduction in stress hormones has reduced the frequency of the extra beats. Better sleep has also been crucial, and moderate daily exercise helps as well. Changes in diet have been the biggest influence though.