G’s story of living with ectopic heart beats

Mine started when I was 20 I am now 64.

I can identify certain triggers alcohol and caffeine being the main ones and cut these out of my life at a very young age .

It has taken me until the last couple of years to believe anxiety/ stress has something to do with it but I do believe it does .

I take a calcium channel blocker and magnesium taurate and although not gone have improved my condition dramatically . Strangely enough I now get far more pacs than pvcs – which is a complete change . I often wake up with these and believe they may be triggered by nightmares which I get frequently .

I have also seen Sanjay who has helped to change my life hugely …….thank you

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  1. margaret barrett 25th June 2021 at 10:06 am - Reply

    Over time I have also eliminated various triggers, alcohol, caffeine, glucose and adrenaline. Watching Dr Gupta’s videos I now take chelated magnesium and taurine daily. Used to get thousands of ectopics a day now down to mostly nil. Means checking all ingredients on food but well worth it.

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