I’s story of living with ectopic heart beats

I had an ablation 5 years ago after having 2 episodes of racing heart (4 hours at 210bpm).
The ablation was s success but after it I started getting ectopic beats. I’ve had a further two ablations to try to alleviate the ectopics without success.

For the past three years I’ve tried lots of things from magnesium to breathing exercises but nothing has helped . I get ectopics constantly and they can be as frequent as every fourth beat. Sometimes they are really strong and make me cough or I feel them in my stomach .

I’ve now resigned myself to living with them but it can be really horrible at times. Only time I don’t feel them is exercising when my heart beat is raised so the ectopics don’t get a chance to come in.

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  1. Austin Hawkins 25th June 2021 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Several years ago I had the sudden onset of very troublesome ectopic heartbeats even to the level of 10 per minute. I vaguely knew about Ectopics and that we all experience them on an occasional basis. In additionan to feeling them they dhowed up on the pulse line of a pulse oximeter.

    I went to the surgery and saw a doctor unknown to me, I had an ECG and she said she would have me checked for AFib. I asked how to deal with the ectopics to which she replied ‘”Oh you just ignore them.” which was bordering on being callous.

    The halter monitoring for Afib showed nothing of concern and we were scheduled to go on holiday. It is fair to say that the holiday was ruined by really alarming levels of Ectopics. Sometimes I could walk them off, but not always. Two things I did not know at that time, ectopics can be provoked by alcohol and by chocolate. I imbibe alcohol very little but was having wine in the evening in the hotel and on my birthday they gave me a bottle at the table. Had serious ectopics at night again.

    With no medical help on offer I found Dr. Gupta’s website and arranged a consultation with him. For the first time I felt that my ectopics were being taken seriously. We talked it though and Dr. Gupta suggested I should try taking Magnesium Tuarate, as he put it, “At the very least it will probably help you to get better sleep.” I took his advice. Within 3 – 4 days of taking the magnesium the ectopics stopped. I would not claim that this would work so well for others who might have ectopics for other reasons, but it transformed the situation for me. I am also very sparing with alcohol and can occasionally provoke ectopics with say dark chocolate. I did feel rather shocked at the contrast between the GP response and knowledge and what I learned from Dr. Gupta who has my gratitude to this day.

  2. John 4th July 2021 at 2:01 am - Reply

    I have been suffering with PVC’s for almost a year now. I am saving up to have a consult with Dr. Gupta, as the doctors that are covered by my insurance do not take them seriously.

    I have been blessed to find this website with so many similar stories. It has helped me so much. I thought I would contribute here by mentioning that something I’ve noticed that has helped a great deal is the herb motherswort. It has been used for centuries as a cardiac medicine and it really works. I wasn’t sure whether my diet change and stress management was to thank, or the motherswort. I’m sure the diet end stress change helped. However, if I stop taking motherswort now, my PVCs return.

    I buy it in capsul form on Amazon and take 4 capsules per day, with lunch and dinner. I also take cayenne pepper, Hawthorne berry extract, and magnesium. I’ve also introduced tourine to try and see if the PVCs can go away entirely. I’ve gotten them down to less than 1 per day with my current regimine. Thanks for everyone’s comments to know I’m not alone.

    If anyone ever wants to talk and share experiences, please feel free to reach out to me at dacube@verizon.net

  3. Yvonne 8th July 2021 at 7:11 pm - Reply

    I’ve found taking magnesium taurate daily and ensure I eat enough potassium. I eat a banana and an avocado daily and this helps.
    No alcohol or processed foods or sugar for sure. I also do moderate exercise daily.
    I don’t need any cardiac meds now and had one successful ablation for AVNRT.
    Trial and error to find your solution is where it’s at.

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