I’ve had ectopics for 6 years. I also have SVT once-twice a year, but it does not bother me and my cardiologist says it is not dangerous.

My ectopics cause a severe anxiety and agoraphobia. I try not to give up, but it’s bigger than me. They go away when I work, when I do sports (I ride a horse everyday) but after that I just get nervous and start to panic. Usually I have 0-10 ectopics a day, but when a panic attack comes, there can be a number of them, one by one, even bigeminy.

Every year I have a Holter monitor and echocardiography and the results are normal. When I have a bad day, I watch Dr Sanjay Gupta videos on YT and it gets better :) I am looking forward to living like I used to… :(