My ectopics are bad some days and not noticeable other days; caffeine is a definite no! I find that taking salt baths help with ectopics/palpitations, the bath salt contains magnesium, potassium and calcium and it’s absorbed into the system

When they do happen, my ectopics feel like a pause and then a thud followed by a quiver type feeling until my heart rhythm returns to normal – sometimes I get a few in a row or one big one, it takes my breath away sometimes but I handle them so much better than I used to, I always expected something bad to follow but now I just wait for it to pass without much panic, they used to cause me so much worry and would send me into a full on panic attack but now that I know what’s happening it’s easier to let it pass without the panic setting in, so my anxiety has reduced which has actually made the ectopics less (I feel)

Also, if I’m stressed or over tired they seem to happen more often, either that or I’m just more sensitive to them, I think worrying is a huge issue, and once I knew my heart was healthy I relaxed more which made it seem less dramatic!

Seeing Dr Gupta and talking to him a few times since has helped me sooo much!
Thank you ☺️