I first became ill July 2016 after a vacation in the woods. Never saw a tick but I had a small bullseye. I knew nothing about lyme disease so I never saw a doctor. I have almost all the symptoms of a tick borne illness. My chest pain and fast heart rate started in November 2016. My ECG changed but nothing was ever found linking my heart as the problem. I was told its stress, depression, esophageal spasms.

It took over a year before my husband put all the pieces together. So in October 2017, I saw a LLMD and I fit the clinic diagnosis for Lyme disease. I had tests ran through IgenX in May 2018. I tested positive for Borreliosis (not by the CDC two tier testing), Babesiosis, and Ehrlichosis. However, regular doctors don’t believe it and treat me like crap whenever I see one. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in Nov 2017 by my local VA and Wright Patterson AFB. Now, they just keep telling me to exercise, which I do.

My story is not an isolated incident. All over the country and world, people are suffering and it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. I hope you can use my story to keep fighting for better testing and treatment. Thank you.